Mary Houseman (aka Grandma) taken at Prospect Farm, own records

Grandma is my Dad’s Mum. Born on 30 July 1921 (despite her birth being registered as 31 July), her 100th anniversary has just passed, but I am not quite ready to tell the long story so in the meantime this page acts as both a point page to shorter blogs in which Grandma features and also lists some of her ancestors.


Is Grandma related to Grandad? – the story of how two of my Grandparents are related.

Two and a half days – the story of Grandma & Grandad’s first born child.

Folk ask why girls wear miniskirts – some of Grandma’s poetry

Four generations – features Grandma, her mother, Hilda Mary Scott, her grandmother, Maria Reynard and my Aunt Christine, her daughter

Two families, one community – a 1950s gathering of all four grandparents

There’s snow and then there’s Yorkshire snow – extracts from Grandma’s memoirs

The naming of our grandparents – including what Grandma called three of her Grandparents

Grandma’s locket


Grandma’s parents (my great grandparents)

Hilda Mary Scott (1891 – 1954) & Jesse Houseman (1885 – 1977)

Harry Clough & Frank White – friends & distant cousins of Hilda Mary who died in WW1

Jesse Houseman appears in the radio programme “With Wilfred in Washburn Valley”

Cricket – a Houseman obsession features photos of Jesse.

My sister is also my aunt describes the dual relationship between Hilda and her sister Laura after Laura’s marriage to Jesse’s nephew, Jack.

Grandma’s grandparents (my great great grandparents)

Maria Reynard (1861 – 1950) & John Scott (1860 – 1920)

Walter Scott – the story of Maria & John’s son who died as a child after being shot by a friend

Unlocking Maria Reynard’s family photo album – including lots of pictures

Death on a trainline – the story of John Scott’s untimely end

Amelia Bradury (1843 – 1931) & Michael Houseman (1842 – 1892)

A look at Micheal Houseman’s political leanings.

Grandma’s great grandparents (my great great great grandparents)

Mary Ann Gill (1836 – 1895) & William Reynard (1832 – 1907)

A spice loaf & a wig – the story of Mary Ann, William, their family & Mary Ann’s father Richard Gill

Swinsty Hall – from seventeenth century ancestors to Euro2020 – the story of how I am NOT related to the Robinsons of Swinsty Hall though Mary Ann’s great great grandparents (my 7x great grandparents), Ellen Kerton & Robert Hardisty

Elizabeth Webster (1832 – 1903) & Charles Scott (1834 – 1897)

Biography of the couple – a tale of making good in Victorian England

Jane Teal (1823 – 1891) & Thomas Bradbury (1820 – 1879)

The slow and painful death of Thomas Bradbury. The blog also includes biographical detail for both Jane & Thomas.

Elizabeth (Betty) Beecroft (1811 – 1882) & Robert Houseman (1806 – 1865)

A biography of the couple and an illustration of Victorian women’s (lack of) property rights

Margaret Grange (1728 – 1816) & George Houseman (1727 – 1815) – a founding family – the story of Grandma & Grandad’s shared ancestors and grandparents of Robert Houseman.

The document of a crime that could have been by our ancestor George Houseman (born 1689, my 6x great grandfather, father to George Houseman (1727 – 1815))