Mum, Dad, my siblings & I

School photo taken in 1985, from left to right: Anna, Natasha, David, Helen & Sharon. Own collection.

Mostly I write stories of more distant ancestors, but occasionally I write one about my Mum & Dad or even about my siblings and I. This page contains links to those stories which don’t feature my Grandparents or earlier ancestors.


A favourite photo of my Dad.

Dad in three words (one of which is my Mum).


The hardest people to write about are those I love the most, which is why there will almost certainly never be a blog or a page exclusively about my amazing mother. You’ll find her here though, as a player in stories about my Dad, my Nana & Grandpy and my siblings (none of which are easy to write for that same reason). She seeps into almost every page and contributes her knowledge and stories to many of them. She, of everyone in my family, is the person who made me me.

Ann or Liz? (how Mum ended up with two names).

Mum & Dad

21st birthday pearls – Dad’s present to Mum

My siblings & I

The tank in the woods is possibly the most random thing I have written about thanks to my sister deciding to research a particular part of our history for which I am very grateful.

It seems we are a family of Queenie fans. Remembering Queen Elizabeth II was written the evening she died.