Mary Booth (aka Nana) c. 1929, own collection

Nana is my Mum’s Mum. Born on 23 March 1928, she is the youngest of my Grandparents and we haven’t yet reached the 100th anniversary of her birth, by which time I plan to have told her story. In the meantime, glimpses of her life can be seen through the story of Grandpy and other blogs linked from this page.


Nana’s box of joy – full of treasured memories of those she loved.

Nana’s Singer sewing maching and her dressmaking expertise.

Sardines & Cadbury’s Roses – a short story about staying with Nana & Grandpy.

St Oswald’s church – a place of family joy and sadness – the final resting place for Nana, Grandpy and their son Richard.

Two families, one community – a 1950s gathering of all four grandparents.

There‘s snow and then there’s Yorkshire snow – extracts from Nana’s letters to Grandpy in 1947.

Nana & Grandpy’s ruby wedding anniversary.

The naming of our grandparents.

Fifty years of WI fun and friendship.

Nana was the original Queenie fan – here’s to remembering Queen Elizabeth II.

Preserving through use features Nana’s Denby crockery.

The story of the toffee crunch tin.


Nana’s parents (my great grandparents)

Marion Moody (1902 – 1961) & Arthur Booth (1900 – 1964)

Arthur features quite heavily in Nana’s box of joy as does Marion’s sister, Edith Moody.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

Nana’s grandparents (my great great grandparents)

Annie Bentley (1876 – 1932) & Ernest William Moody (1876 – 1943)

Annie Bentley – the story of Annie and her family including Edith Moody.

Annie’s sisters feature in my sister is also my aunt.

Sarah Cooper (1874 – 1947) & Thomas Butterworth Booth (1870 – 1929)

The Butterworth identity – the story of the Butterworth name

Nana’s great grandparents (my great great great grandparents)

Mary Hinchcliffe (1846 – 1919) & George Bentley (1841 – 1907)

A brief biography of the couple.

The antithesis of fortune – three stories of pauper ancestors – includes the story of Martha Bottom, George’s maternal grandmother and Widow Swinden, Martha’s own maternal grandmother and my 7 x great grandparent.

Wid Swinden remembered – a poem inspired by the story above. End of the line.

Elizabeth Schofield (1832 – 1911) & Thomas Moody (1833 – 1901)

Life on the canals – a biography of the couple

Hannah Demaine (1837 – 1914) & John Cooper (1820 – 1893)

She married twice, the second time to an older man, is primarily Hannah’s story.

Elizabeth Dean (1843 – 1880) & Samuel Booth (1836 – 1904)

The Butterworth identity – the story of the Butterworth name also includes more about Elizabeth, Samuel & Elizabeth’s mother Isabella Dean