Wid Swinden, remembered

A poem by Natalie Pithers inspired by Wid Swinden’s story

Earlier in the year, I wrote a blog celebrating the lives of three pauper women ancestors including a woman known only as Wid Swinden.

“The evidence of my 7th great grandmother’s existence is slim and mostly circumstantial. Yet exist she must, less I wouldn’t”.

Wid Swinden’s tale remained with me and when I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tina Konstant on the Waffle Free Stories podcast, her brief story was one I chose to share.

This morning I woke to the most beautiful surprise. Inspired by Wid Swinden’s story in the podcast, Natalie Pithers, a professional family history storyteller, had written me a poem.

From a paragraph in a blog, to a story in a podcast and now immortalised in poem. Wid Swinden is remembered.

Thanks to Natalie & Tina for helping that to be so.

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